The Spring Edition of Life magazine is a resource ideal for churches to use in their evangelism.

The magazine is professionally produced and contains a mixture of evangelistic content and other articles. Included are testimonies from well-known people, recipes, money saving advice, gospel tracts, household projects, activity pages for adults and children as well as other evangelistic articles. The magazine is designed to be distributed during the Spring.

This is an attractive resource that people in your area would be able to flick through and enjoy. The content will also encourage them to think about the big questions in life and will point them to Jesus.

Why not include this resource as part of your evangelism strategy? You could give these away to your parish or community, give out to church members to pass on to friends – the magazine is designed to be flexible and useful for many different contexts.

If your church is interested in buying in larger volumes, or finding out about Royal Mail distribution, please contact