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    PO BOX 115 KIANJAI 60602- Kenya
    Dear Christian friends
    Neno la uzima is a Kiswahili name Word Of Life and is a christian evanglistic ministry with a passion to evangelise, Teach translate, print and distribute gospel messages to both Christian and non christian neighbours .Founded in 2010 we hare committed to reach out to the East Africa communities through Word Of Life Bible training centres.We have a small school that offers Certificate and Diploma courses using the BCPT books.Our main target is to empower church leaders especially in the remote parts of East Aafrica.
    Our main challenge include enough good book for our Bible school centres which include Biblesm,Commentaries Bible Dictionaries and financial sposnorship to many untrained pastors.
    We are therefore appealing to your organisation to consider supporting in either way to be able to help many untrained church leaders working in the third world.
    Your support can be channeled through
    Peter N.Ibui
    PO BOX 115 KIANJAI 60602-Kenya

  2. Dear team, I’d just like to ask you whether it is possible for me to purchase a human sandwich board or human billboard that can be custom made to the description I have. Please do email me with the details of how I can order a custom made human sandwichboard if this is at all possible:

    Kind regards,

    George Marshall

    1. George,

      Thanks for contact. I make my own Text boards but not sure of making the sandwich board. Perhaps you could Google and see what come up. Many blessings in your witness. Greg

  3. Hello friends,

    Please do not evangelize children younger than the age of reading comprehension.

    Because accepting Jesus at age six, the natural progression from being saved as a newborn babe in Christ who hungers to read the Word for comprehension and obedience to it was thwarted by the inability to read and comprehend.

    Afterwards, I led a Christian life completely without reading the Bible again with a view to comprehension for obedience to it, sinned greatly, and am heading to hell after I die in a few weeks.

    All the while, I looked like a great Christian church member, attending all services, playing piano for the worship team, all without truly following Jesus in a personal relationship of Bible reading and obedience to God.

    This is a trap of the devil – to lead children to Christ who are younger than the age of reading comprehension. It is almost necessary to prevent such young children from hearing the gospel and accepting Christ, for their souls’ sake.


    1. It’s a hasty generalisation fallacy – she’s imposing her individual experience on all. So what was true for her unique experiences must be true for everyone thus her apparently strange advise – I was saved at 7 when I first started to comprehend the Gospel .. but I actually recall understanding the Gospel at 4. I comprehended the stories of faith in the bible at these ages too, i understood the main message. Stephen Hanley

  4. Carilyn,

    This is my sons comment to your post. I don’t think you should worry too much. It is never to late to repent and trust the Lord Jesus as Saviour.

    Greg Hanley

  5. I found this a sad story from Carilyn, and hasten to encourage her to turn once again to the Saviour she accepted into her heart at an early age. God is faithful and will never turn away a repentant sinner! I would like to assure Carilyn that at age five, in 1939, I walked to the front of my church and gave my heart to the Lord in a simple act of faith. My parents were devout Christians and did all they could to teach me the way to live a genuine Christian life. But at age 12 I began to yearn for things of the world and fell into sin for the next nine years. I am glad to say that like the prodigal son, I returned to my loving Father age 21 and from then on became grounded in the Word of God. My mother often said what kept her going during my prodigal years was the verse ‘Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old HE WILL NOT DEPART from it.’

    So I would like to encourage Carilyn that it is better to share Jesus at the earliest ages,…even before they can read. The greatest thing we can do for children is to show them how to enter the Kingdom of heaven. That also means parents and teachers bear the vital responsibility of continuing to teach them through the years unto adulthood.

    I shall pray for Carilyn, who is precious in God’s sight even despite her backsliding years! The important thing is to ‘return unto the Lord and He will abundantly pardon’.

  6. Thanks viewing our Website and glad you found it helpful. We pray for Prison ministry every day – longing that the Chaplains and volunteers will be able to proclaim the saving gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the prisoners.Ipe’m sure you make a contribution to the well being of prisoners and I hope the discovery of art will keep some from reoffending. Greg

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