Copy of letter sent to Science headteachers in Trafford



  • Letter sent to Heads of Science in Trafford, Manchester 


21st Jan 2013


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you concerning of the scientific theory of ‘evolution’ that is often presented as a fact in many educational institutes and media outlets in the UK today.

Recently, through reading books like ‘Evolution Impossible: 12 reasons why evolution cannot explain the Origin of Life on Earth’, I have been astounded by the available scientific evidence that is in direct contradiction with the theory of Evolution. What was of even more significance was that this particular book was not written by some religious layman, but by an adjunct professor of biomedical sciences and applied sciences in Melbourne, Australia.

Upon investigating the matter further, I have found that there are many more highly qualified and respected scientists globally, who are also strongly questioning the validity of the theory of Evolution today. As I’m sure you would agree, we believe that freedom to do science is critical in the development of students in our country and also in our overall quest for knowledge. However, we are concerned that this theory is dominating in our society, and even discouraging critical thinking; especially concerning DNA, radio-metric dating and in the philosophy of science.

The other concern we have with regards to this teaching is the clear moral implications that it has for our students and consequently our society. Since evolution predominantly seeks to eliminate God in its teaching – this naturally leaves our society with no objective moral values. This was evidenced recently when I was found in my Sport Science degree ethics class, to be the only one out of a 100+ to object to cheating in a sporting situation – ironically, the university had already taught us that we were animals – who obviously have no ultimate accountability to anybody. This outcome made sense since, as the famous atheist John Paul Satre said – ‘without God all things are permissible’.

In conclusion, I am not suggesting that ‘religion’ or ‘God’ should be taught in the Science classroom. However, our desire is that our students should be fully aware of the scientific problems with ‘molecules to man’ evolution and that it is not a scientific fact, as is widely believed.

Enclosed is a free copy of the above mentioned book by Dr John F Ashton for your interest.

Yours faithfully

Stephen Hanley


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