Every church needs a visiting team


Rest/Nursing Home visiting is such a blessing. do we care about our aging population?

The church visiting team is a ministry to  the church members and friends with links to the church.  This is not an outreach team cold calling.

We have heard many complaints that pastors often do not visit their members. Even the best of preachers such as Rev Graham Scroggie faced this criticism, upon which he asked his congregation if they wanted his feet or his head?

Scroggie found time to write such helps to Bible study as, ‘The unfolding drama of redemption.’


Anne O’Niell ( St Mary’s Partington – Anglican)

Within the church family God will have placed a group of caring people with pastoral hearts whom he will use to show his love through to the sick, lonely, housebound and hospitalized.

Before a pastoral team can be formed they must have a police check because they will ministering to vulnerable people. (this is something perhaps more common in an Anglican church, but is best practise for any church.) 

Now pray for the Lord to guide you to look for your team.

This team should be under the authority of the minister or a leader that the minister assigns (usually they are sent for training within the church of England).

Once you have chosen your team ask them to pray that this is Gods will for them, they will meet once every three months with the leader chairing the meeting who will encourage the rest of the team.

Usually they go visiting in pairs always accepting a cup of tea off those you visit, if offered,within the church family or outside the church family.

Always remember you are NEVER to MAKE the people you visit DEPENDENT ON YOU. You are there to show the love of God and the second most important you bring while visiting is LISTENING EARS and your TIME.

May God bless and go with you in this ministry as you serve him in the name of Jesus Christ.

(We also recommend reading the Word of God and prayer before you leave, this will be the means of great encouragement.)

Mabel, 70 years a member of Bethel, Orford
Mabel, 70 years a member of Bethel, Orford


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