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Introducing the Ministry of Greg Hanley



Dublin born in 1949, moved to Liverpool in 1956. Brought to faith through the outreach of Princes Gate Baptist Church, Princes Road, Liverpool 8 in 1966. (Maranatha Coffee Bar) I was baptised and went into membership. From there went to Bible college of Wales, Swansea in 1969 – 71

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Theological Study

The Bible College of Wales from 1969 – 71 

Liverpool Bible College (LBC) 1976-77 (Pastoral studies)


Married to Wendy (45 years), with grown up family of six children, and three grandchildren.


After training came back to Liverpool and ran Agapao Coffee Bar and worked as an evangelist in Liverpool. (1971)

Liverpool City Mission, (1972 -74) Church plant in Cantril Farm, Liverpool, Honorary Pastor.


The Peoples Church (Baptist), Partington, Greater Manchester,

Pastor 1976 – 1988

Assistant Pastor to Rev Stanley Wood 1976 -78

Pastor 1978 – 1988


The Evangeliszation Society, National evangelist 1989 – 1994

Travelling in the UK leading missions and schools ministry.

1995 – 2000 The Tent Event Ministry

Based in the North West – leading a team running sumer tent mission using 150 seat tent.

Team included:-

Singers – Peter Smith & John Thomas

Pianist – Gerald Thomas

Team organiser  – Tony Droniak


Independent Evangelist based in Greater Manchester 1994 –

Supporting many Evangelical Churches including Chester & Liverpool & Manchester City Missions


Union Hall Evangelical, Manchester – 3 years

Horwich Evan, Horwich – 2 years

Hebron Christian Fellowship, Bolton  – 6 years

Heathfield Evan, Manchester  – 1 year

Bethany Evangelical, Leigh 2 years

Manchester City Mission. 3 years

Chester City Mission. 1 year

Bethel Free Church, Orford Warrington.  6 years

The Evangelist is a traveller, and keeps moving on serving the Lord.

(References can be obtained from the above churches.)

Co-coordinator of Postal Bible School for Greater Manchester.

I continue to promote this work in my Precinct outreach.

2014 –  On going ministry..

Jericho Project

A ministry that seeks to uphold the 6 day creation as taught in Genesis Chapters 1 & 2. We seek to engage with atheists and evolutionists exposing the lies on which this theory is based.

This includes sending quality literature to Science teachers, challenging the media and organising meetings with qualified University Professors. We aim to enlighten children & young people with relevent literature written by renowned Scientists.

Our burden is to put before them the FACTS and then let them make their own minds up, which is the opposite of the INDOCTRINATION which goes on in our schools and Universities, supported by the Media.

This lying theory is at the root of much of the evil in our society.

Support work includes

Precinct outreach – displaying the Word of God & distributing New Testaments, and booklets

Commencing Children’s & Youth work.

Regular preaching and teaching the Word of God.

Gospel Rallies with a choir and testimonies..

Promoting seminars on Biblical evangelism, Creation Science , Bible interpretation – Organised  by Stephen Hanley

Professor Steve Taylor, Liverpool University speaking in Partington.
Professor Steve Taylor, Liverpool University speaking in Partington.


Missionary Interest 

Regular visits to Spain supporting churches in evangelism, in Torrevieja and Valdepenas. Also visits to Italy distributing literature, when we visit our son Philip.




Picture – studying Spanish at Cervantes in Deansgate, Manchester. I am now in my last term of Intermediary, next step will be advanced!!

Pastor Carlos with new believers in Torrevieja.
Pastor Carlos with new believers in Torrevieja.
Team from the Red Box ministry that has an open air every day, except Christmas day, in Madrid.
Team from the Red Box ministry that has an open air every day, except Christmas day, in Madrid.


Home Church

Devonshire Evangelical Church, Broadheath, Altrincham

Home address

Partington, Greater Manchester


Faith ministry – we make no direct appeals for finance – support comes through the causes we serve alongside, Preaching, and personal supporters.

Gardening, my faviourite hobby.
Gardening, my faviourite hobby. Play golf and study classical guitar.

Book ministry



Ian Afflick FCA, Stockport

Accounts sent out on request


Evangelical, Protestant,  & non charismatic

We welcome opportunities to share the Word at Ladies meetings, lunch clubs, coffee mornings. Gospel meetings.





4 thoughts on “Greg Hanley”

  1. Dear evangelist Greg.I am a pastor pasturing a church at Nairobi kenya called victory evangelistic ministries. this ministries being evangelistic and you are an Evangelist. I therefore invite you for a mass evangelism in both urban and rural areas. This the great commission our lord jesus Christ called us for,and pray about it as you think for it.looking forward to hear from you.Rev.josphat peter.

    1. Pastor,

      Many thanks for this invite, what a joy it would be to visit Kenya, where my Uncle was during so many years ago. Sadly he was in the forces and in the land during very difficult days. I have no guidance to accept this invite. However please check out our resources page and we can arrange for literature to be sent out to to you. Keep the good work going and may the Lord give you a rich blessings. Greg


    Whether you like it or not Greg, Evolution has been scientifically and rigourously is a World Expert in Theology Prof William Lane Craig has said!
    People are not leaving the Church because of Evolution,they are leaving because Religion damages minds and good reason!!
    Stop second guessing God!
    We have no evidence for God but metaphysical Apologetics and semantic lies!
    There is no primitive or extra corroboration for any of the Gospels Claims,we also can show Forgery and interpolation…we also know Paul didnt write all his Epistles and the evidence for Christ existing is weak… you only have Faith not Fact…a psychological need for God
    Read real Experts:

    Evolution is no more a lie than Relativity or 2 + 2 = 5
    It is sad when you have to ignore Facts when 90-99% of Ancient Historians,Philosophers and Scientists are Agnostics!!

    Best Wishes,Colin

  3. ‘It is important for people to understand that there is no scientific basis for atheism or naturalism. The experimental evidence for molecules-to-man evolution is woefully lacking. The vast ages needed for natural processes to produce all that we see are inferred, not directly measured. The alternative model of origins is that God cerated us for a purpose. Design is obvious where we look in the Universe. We need to be aware of the overwhelming evidence (scientific, archeological and historical) that supports the Biblical worldview and the large number of leading scientists past and present who strongly affirm Judeo-Christian beliefs.’

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