Resources for gospel literature & books


A Bible based Reading Project

set A – The Creation Series



The Bible Road Show

Paul Curwen  (Faith Mission)


Offers an ever-growing range of Christian products including: Bibles, Books, Media Products and Gifts all at great prices.

Tel 0330 606 1420




Twitter: @lovechristianbooks

Love Christ? Love Books?



Claim to have the cheapest Christian books in the UK

Thousands of books at discount prices



Wide ranges of gospel books, booklets, CDs and tracts.


Bridge – Builders


Write to:-

32 Edenpark Road, Birkenhead CH42 9JP

Quality booklets – see The Story of EASTER – as Told by Luke

Other titles available.

Ideal for using this coming Easter.


BETEL (part of the WEC missionary ministry)

Aresidential  work amongst drug addicts – if you witness to addicts who want to be free from drugs.



Incorporating Challenge


Creation Ministries International –


Wide range of resources to combat theory of evolution. For adults, teens, & children



A course of fun filled Bible activity work sheets for all ages!

Can be used amongst neighbours and also ideal for mid week children’s clubs and


Tabernacle Bookshop

020 7735 9955

Request new book & discount review – wide range of material. (reformed)


Protestant Truth Society

020 7405 4960

Wide range of Reformed books and booklets.


Trinitarian Bible Society

020 8543 7857

A large selection of Scripture booklet & tracts. (AV only)



Evangelistic A5 magazine with testimonies of salvation and offer of free Correspondence Course,  or Free New Testament.

In boxes of 1,000 pay postage only

New version each year published by Brethren in Canada.

Further information


Child Evangelism Fellowship

Wide range of children’s tracts, booklets and material for teaching the gospel to children.

Also material for starting children’s clubs.


Helping Muslims come to faith

MEC Word of Hope Ministries –

01706  711981/645300

Booklets that help Muslims to understand Christian teaching.


Day One – – 01568 613740

Wide range of books, booklets, text card etc


Revival Movement Association & Every Home Crusade  –

02897 533101

Wide range of gospel literature. Send of GOODNEWS  leaflet


Chapter Two Bookshop

Wide selection of second hand books – send for catalogue

Also supplier of Bibles in many languages


Phone 020 8316 5389

Wide range of new Bibles in many languages also tracts


Langham Literature

Our vision is to see churches in the Majority World equipped for mission and growing to maturity in Christ through the ministry of pastors and leaders who believe, teach and live by the Word of God.

Supplies theological books for Bible Colleges in the developing world.



Grace Baptist Mission

We regularly receive requests for help from pastors in the developing world. We do not hold funds to help in these cases, so we cannot respond to appeals for funds, but we are very happy to supply literature to help provide spiritual food for growing churches. Contact our literature team


Please send your requests direct to the Web addresses above

 para la literatura por favor envíe usted solicita a la dirección de correo electrónico o sitios web de arriba.

Para a literatura, por favor envie pedidos directos para e-mail ou sites acima.

لطلبات الأدب يرجى ارسال مباشرة إلى البريد الإلكتروني أو المواقع أعلاه.

साहित्य के लिए अनुरोध के लिए ऊपर ईमेल या वेबसाइटों के लिए प्रत्यक्ष भेजें।


Children's Bibles & books on Market Stall
Children’s Bibles & books on Market Stall


6 thoughts on “Resources for gospel literature & books”

  1. Distintc Sir!Peace of Lord Jesus.
    Pleasure.I am one big distributor of gospel tracts in the Brazil.
    In personal evangelism i already provide thousands of gospel
    I wish knew address of places that free-ly send gospel tracts
    printed in portuguese.
    Thank you very much and blessings.
    Proverbs 11-30B.
    Mário Flávio Ferreira
    Cx. Postal 26
    Cruzeiro-S.P Cep-12.701-970

    1. Mario,
      Thanks for your comment – please contact Revival Movement Association,, they will supply you with Literature in Portuguese. You can discuss your needs with Samuel Adams. They will help you. Much blessings on your labours in the Kingdom of God.


  2. bendiciones del señor todopoderoso pueda ser que me puedan enviar maretial evangelistico para campañas mi direccion es urbanizacion felipe santiago salaverry primera etapa B-27 talara peru

    1. Gracias por su pregunta con respecto a la literatura Biblia. Te he enviado algunos sitios web de contacto y espero que puedan ser de alguna ayuda para usted en su trabajo para el Señor. Gregorio

      1. Hi, my name is Jaime, and iam helping some small churches here in the philippine regarding tract and some other materials. I Just have one of your tract and i read at the back that as per your advice, your association can help me to spread the gospel.

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