Tips for reaching people in false religions

A friend asked me recently for help in reaching Mormons.. But can any of us really remember every answer to every specific weird doctrine that false religions / cults have…?

Hopefully this short advice will help…
It’s always good to learn more about the nature of false religions, but remembering how to answer every doctrine they have is pretty difficult since there are so many different false religions, and so many weird teachings to accompany all of them!
I would suggest to break your study down into 2 simple areas for each religion / cult – since they are all in agreement on these two things, that actually destroy the Gospel..
1) All false religions / cults deny the true identity of Jesus Christ
This means if Jesus is not God He cannot forgive any of our sins, since only God can forgive sins, thus the Gospel is destroyed…
So in the case of Mormonism they don’t believe Jesus is God – but rather the spirit brother of Satan!! Weird right??!!
So you need to use the ‘ sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God ‘. to present to them the true person of Christ – you could memorize John 1 v1 or John 20 where Thomas says ‘the Lord of me, the God of me’ .
They will have answers but keep repeating the verses until they ask you to explain them, and then even if that doesn’t work keep using the sword of the Spirit – it’s easy to lose faith in the sword of the spirit after a first attempt, my suggestions is keeping holding it until it accomplishes what God desires… Even if you do not win the person – with the sword of the Spirit it is by faith you will win the battle…
They will not listen to man made reasoning, you need spiritual weapons as these people have a deep spiritual problem… they are deceived by a very powerful Being = Satan.. ( 2 Cor,, 4 v4)
2) This is  the hardest point to explain, but again using the Word of God is the key…
All false religions believe in a works based salvation…
‘It is by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God., not of works, lest anyone should boast.’ (Eph 2v 8-9)was the consistent message of Paul.
‘It is by faith you are saved, after all you can do..‘ (2 Nephi 25:23). is what the Book of Mormon actually says..!!
My suggestion is to memorize verses such as ‘by the works of the law, no flesh shall be justified’ (Galatians 2) and keep repeating them until it breaks them down. I did this with two Muslims one day and they couldn’t cope with it, I just kept repeating and repeating the Word of God and eventually it cut them to the heart to the point that they resorted to mockery.. the poorest form of defense to any proposition!!
For a good understanding on salvation by faith theology I recommend going through the MacArthur sermons series on Galatians…
Follow the sermon code 1650 …. 1651 …. 1652 and so on…
God bless you all in your evangelism for Him..
 See Ron Rhodes books – Reasoning from Scripture with………JWs, Mormons etc… You will find these titles on Amazon Books

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  1. Good article! Yes with so many of these it can be difficult about how to face them…. I think there is also one more tips: to pray 🙂

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