Walking with God


Walking with God

Bible readings, Genesis 5v21 – 24, Hebrews 11v4 – 5, & Jude v14 – 15.

What a challenge these Scriptures present to the believer! It should be our one desire to ‘walk with God.’ What a great privilege it is to have a personal relationship with the creator and then to know his presence in our daily lives. It takes us back to the beginning of creation when our first parents knew God, ‘walking in the garden in the cool of the day..’ Gen 3v8. Out first parents forfeited this privilege through disobedience, but now by the gospel and the grace of God we can be brought into this new relationship with God.

Before the flood it is only said of two people that they ‘walked with God,’

Enoch – He walked with God, and ‘God took him.’ Gen 5v24

Noah – He walked with God, and ‘God preserved him.’ Gen 6v9

These are but two examples of the many who sought to follow the word of God passed down to them through Adam.

When Paul wrote to the Ephesians he says much about ‘walking’, it is something we can do all through our lives. I used to love running, but I can’t do it now, but I can walk, but what does it mean in our everyday lives to ‘walk with God?’


1 It is a walk of separation from the world

When we became Christians we started a new life, but we still live in the world. We are not better than other people, but we are to be different. See Ephesians 4 v17 -32, Paul tells us,

‘we should no longer walk as the rest of the Gentiles.’

Those around us are in Paul’s words, ‘alienated from the life of God.’

Enoch walked with God when all around him were living for themselves without any reference to God, see, Jude v 15, and count how many times the word ‘ungodly’ is mentioned, we too are surrounded with ‘ungodliness,’ but we must seek to ‘please God, as Enoch. See Hebrews 11v5. He pleased God, not himself, or others. He walked with God.

We will be tempted to please ourselves or others, even as our Saviour was. See Matthew 4 v 5-11. The Lord Jesus responded with the words, ‘It is written.’ The Word of God is our daily guide for living.

The first verse of Scripture I ever memorised was Psalm 119v105,

‘Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.’

There was no street lighting in Israel in those days, so when going out at night, they needed a portable light, which showed every step to take. Such is the Word of God for the believer.

Of course separation does not mean isolation. We rub shoulders every day with evil people, we hear all kinds of gossip and bad words, but in our hearts we fear God and tremble for the judgment which is coming on all ungodliness.

2 It is a walk of faith.

Hebrews 11v5, By faith Enoch was taken away, so that he did not see death.’ We don’t see God, we don’t hear a voice; it is a walk of faith. 1 Peter 1v8, ‘Whom having not seen you love.’

It is a daily walk of faith, but we are often like the little boy,

‘who climbed the tree and was unable to get down, a man walking by saw his struggle and came underneath the tree, but the boy could not see him, but heard a voice say ,“let go of the branch, and I will catch you.” But the boy was fearful, “I’m here don’t worry I will catch you.” But the boy shouted down, “is there anybody else there”

 Paul tells us in 2 Corinthians 5v7 that we, ‘Walk by faith and not by sight.’ The Lord is there and we can depend on Him with our lives.

3 It is a walk of witness

We see this in the lives of Enoch and Noah. See Jude v 14. It is not enough to simply live a good life, there are many folk who give the appearance of living good lives and yet they are not Christians.

There are times when we need to speak out and share a testimony.

Enoch gave clear warnings to those around him, he reminded them of judgment to come.

Noah was a preacher of righteousness, see 2 Peter 2v5; Noah gave clear warning of the danger faced by live ungodly lives.


It will never be easy to walk with God, but it will be a life of joy, peace and hope, it will be a:


  1. Walk of love – love of God, love for the believers, love for the lost.
  2. Walk in light – obeying the Word of God.
  3. Walk in wisdom – knowing the right thing to do

Are we walking with God?