We proclaim creation

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May 2015

By Philip Bell

‘We proclaim Creation..

‘………We proclaim Creation, not only because it is true, but because effective evangelism requires it. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is founded on an historical Adam and Eve, the serpent tempter, the taking of the forbidden fruit, and the promise of the Victor over Satan (Genesis 3 v 15). This simple message – all are sinners; Sin’s penalty is death, spiritual and physical; Christ came to deliver us from sin’s penalty and power, and from the sting and dominion of death – is founded on historical events recorded in Genesis.

‘God is glorified…’

Last, but not least, God is glorified when we uphold the Word of God  and proclaim its teaching on Creation and the Creator. His name is honoured . The same cannot be said for the teaching which overtly or subtly undermines the same – whether well meaning Christians, secularist or avowed anti-Christians.  Christians seeking to live godly lives in this ungodly world should be at the forefront in repairing and restoring the breaches in the foundations and wall of Christendom. (Isa 58 v 12). We need to be holding fast to our confession of faith in Christ. (Hebrews 10 v 23) Making every effort to contend for the faith handed down to us by previous generations of faithful believers (Jude 3)

‘Biblical trust..’

Proclaiming Creation in a Scientific Age should be part of every Christian’s engagement in the good fight of faith ( 1 Timothy 6 v 11- 12) CMI is privileged to serve the Body of Christ by providing tools which believers can use to proclaim biblical truth.  Please do pray that we may have many more opportunities to train and equip the Church to bring the light of Christ into a dark world.’

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