Stephen Hanley witnessing on Oxford Road, Manchester.

Christian Evangelism Resources is a website created by Greg Hanley designed to help you and your church to go and do evangelism!

Here you will find articles on contemporary evangelism issues by Greg and other guests bloggers in our Blog section.

It is the responsibility of the local church to witness to the community around the church. We should not be wanting to bring in the ‘professionals’, but find within our churches the gifted people to share the gospel.

And evangelism means just that – sharing the gospel – not entertaining people or feeding them or tempting them with freebies.

It should be true of every local church as it was of the Thessalonians, ‘from you the word of the Lord has sounded forth….’ I Thessalonians 1v8.

You can also visit our resources section where you can find guidelines in setting up youth groups, church visiting teams and more in your local church!

CER gives you a warm welcome and encourages you to browse the site as much as you would like, and also don’t forget the comments section where you can add your voice to the issues discussed!

The Lord bless you as you seek to serve our Saviour in reaching the lost with the glorious Gospel of our God.

Stephen Hanley

CER Administrator

‘For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power unto salvation for everyone who believes..’

(Romans 1:16. NKJV. www.biblegateway.com)


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    1. Pergil,

      Please see RESOURCES and scroll down to – ‘Resources for gospel literature & books. You will find contact details and some send
      out free literature. Let me know if this is helpful. Greg

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